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About Us

As a famous singer once said, “(…) the dreams of a boy,” but in this case, not of becoming a singer, but rather of creating his own business and having his name spread by word of mouth for the quality of his products. This was the dream of José Oliveira, later known as Zé dos Alumínios, a name that fit so well that it would give rise to the name of his company.

Mr. Zé, who began his journey in his hometown of Tarouca, moved to the Algarve in search of new challenges. Accompanied by his wife, whom he likes to call his Esmeralda, they always sought to stand out from the competition by offering their customers superior quality products and personalized service. They were exclusive importers of Electro-welded Aluminum in Portugal. They were at the forefront of the introduction of PVC in the Algarve, with 20 years of experience in this material alone.

Today, with over 40 years of experience under their belt, the “Zé dos Alumínios” team continues with the same ambition – to serve those who seek us well, focusing on creating projects with quality materials. With the addition of new management, based on engineers, we will do our best to keep that childhood dream alive by investing in innovative products. We will continue with the philosophy that smart, personalized, and quick solutions appear more spontaneously when it comes to a small multidisciplinary team, rather than a large multinational company, always maintaining the family atmosphere with which “Zé dos Alumínios, Lda” was born.

We Offer Free Estimates

We pay the utmost attention to your requests. Tell us what you need, and you will receive a budget proposal.

Premium Quality Products

We provide our customers with the finest products to ensure everything meets their expectations.

Payment Convenience

We are attentive to your needs, which is why we offer various payment options for your convenience.

Experienced and Specialized Team

We have been in the market for over 40 years to serve our customers in the best possible way.

Useful Information about Our Services


Traditional aluminum framing, which can have thermal break (TB) or not. At Zé dos Alumínios, we always recommend opting for aluminum with TB because, contrary to what many people think, the “thermal” feature is not only useful in winter but also in summer, especially in the climate of our Algarve, which can be quite hot during this season. “Thermal” aluminum not only prevents the escape of heat from our homes to the outside during winter but also the entry of external heat into the interior during summer.

Special Cortizo Series and Others

We also offer various series of Cortizo Aluminum, such as minimalist series (CorVision and Concealed Leaf) or folding doors.


The best feature of PVC frames is their thermal insulation quality. By combining this feature with internal steel reinforcement and material treatment for the Algarve climate, we have strong, durable, and thermally efficient frames with an excellent price-quality ratio. PVC comes in a wide range of colors, either in film or powder-coated, and it provides an excellent imitation of wood – allowing us to have the beauty of wood in our homes with virtually no maintenance. Maintaining a PVC window involves simply wiping it with a damp cloth and nothing more.

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